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    Welcome Home

    We provide property management services to communities around the country. Whether you want to find a new place to live or need a rental filled, when you’re here, you're home.

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    A Brighter Future

    We take the stress out of managing your property. With over 100 years collective experience managing everything from Beverly Hills mansions to New York high-rises, You are guaranteed to see a return on your investment.

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    Location, Location, Location

    We know the golden rule of real estate better than anyone. That's why we make sure to have our people in your area. No matter where you are, we have someone there to help.

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    Secure Investment

    We protect your property from damage by providing state-of-the-art security systems, finding the best tenants, and responding to maintenance emergencies any time day or night.

Tangent Property Management, Inc.

At Tangent Property Management, we understand how invaluable a property investment is. As such, we are committed to providing not only the level of maintenance and care you come to expect, but also work closely with owners to raise and enhance the value of their investment.

By providing full-service management, including integrating cutting edge technology designed to simplify the lives of both tenant and owner, we ensure that you retain loyal renters, your property is protected, and your investments are secured for the future.

Why Tangent?

Choosing the right property management firm to oversee your investment can be both overwhelming and frustrating. But at Tangent, you benefit from our decades of experience in both property and business management. Our experience allows us to offer property owners the type of personalized service that protects their investment today, while positioning it for a long-term income stream.

By treating your investment like one of our own, we can ensure that your property is in good hands.

Looking for your next home?

Tangent Property Management not only caters to property owners and landlords, but we also work closely with prospective renters to find their perfect home. With a portfolio of attractive and well maintained properties throughout the Greater Portland area, we make home hunting easy and stress free.

Serving the greater Portland area, we provide comprehensive management for multiplexes and small to mid-sized apartment buildings. We are active members of a variety of industry groups that ensure we stay up-to-date and informed of all issues regarding property management in the Greater Portland area.

Our approach to management involves focusing equally on the upkeep and maintenance of a building as well as ensuring the safety and well-being of all tenants. Through this well-rounded approach, our owners and tenants are provided the level of care and attention few other property management firms can offer.